What About Anal Sex?

Michael Krychman MD

Anal sex has become mainstream and according to a recent article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine close to 50% of women have tried anal sex. The anus has thousands of sensitive nerve endings, which are capable of providing much sexual pleasure. The majority of the nerve ending are concentrated at the opening, but the outer area is also very pleasurable as well. Much misinformation still exists around anal pleasure and it remains a taboo topic. Let’s set the record straight and put taboos BEHIND us...


For a more comfortable session clear your bowels prior to sex. You may wish to bathe and or use a warm water rinse. Some people use an anal bulb with warm water to flush out the anal canal for a clean experience. Always consider keeping a towel handy for easy clean up.


Relaxation is key to healthy pleasurable play. It’s important to have all your senses at their best functioning capacity, to communicate with your partner about pain so limit alcohol or drugs, which may dull your senses and impair judgement.


You may consider using your fingers, a small toy, vibrator or dilator first before tackling intercourse with your partner. Use Kegels to isolate the anal rectal muscles and practice your breathing.


The sensitive tissues of the anal canal need sufficient lubrication to keep friction low and pleasurable sensations high. Silicone is the preferred choice.


Latex condoms and oil­based lubricants don’t mix. Oils can degrade the latex condom and make it more likely to tear. Water based lubes go best with latex condoms. Check your lube and condom compatibility. Even in a committed monogamous relationship, you should consider your risk and use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted infections.


Should anal sex be a part of your sexual repertoire, consider incorporating it as part of the sexual experience: don’t forget to kiss, hug or enjoy genital play. Make sure you are aroused and enjoying the sexual interlude. Some experts recommend side to side or doggy style position as the first position couples should try when venturing into anal sexual pleasure.


  • Lubricate internally and consider using anal rectal syringe.
  • Do not force, go slow and gentle, be kind to your behind.
  • Relax your muscles and use deep breathing.
  • Don’t share sex toys that have been inserted into the rectum.
  • Clean sex toys after each use.
  • Moving objects from one person’s anus to another vagina or anus can cause infections.
  • Wash the penis, toy or finger before and after insertion.
  • Use new condoms.