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"When we created überlube, we weren’t just setting out to make a superior product that helps people enjoy sex more. We also wanted to create something that could help remove some of the stigma and taboo around sex, to open up the conversation. Ultimately, we hope people will ask questions and learn, talk and explore, and just have a better experience."

Stephen Magnusen, creator of überlube


@JenniferWood asks…

Are there ingredients in überlube that could cause allergic reactions?

überlube is silicone-based, and silicone allergies are rare. überlube also has no added ingredients like scents, flavors, or spermicides, which are often the types of ingredients that often cause irritation and reactions.

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A Q&A with Dr. Barb DePree.

Q:Which of your patients do you recommend lube to?

A:When women come to my consulting practice they begin by filling out an eight-page intake form. About 10 of the questions address their experience with intercourse, and if I notice any responses about discomfort or even dissatisfaction with sex, I bring up lube and talk to them about how it might help.

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