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Osmolality And PH Of Uberlube?

Uberlube has been tested to be 4.6 ph. We have not tested osmolality, but this is generally more of a topic related with glycerin and water-based lubricants. Uberlube is anhydrous, meaning without water. Silicone lubricants do not appear in studies of the subject that I've seen.

Characterization of Commercially Available Vaginal Lubricants: A Safety Perspective Ana Raquel Cunha et al 2014 "water-based lubricants may induce changes to the vaginal environment and mucosa that can lead to toxic effects and, eventually, enhancement of the transmission of sexually transmitted pathogens, such as HIV"

Hyperosmolal Vaginal Lubricants Markedly Reduce Epithelial Barrier Properties Seyoum Ayehunie et al 2017 "lubricants containing glycerin/glycol, propylene glycol, and Polyethylene glycol (PEG-8) as one of the top four ingredients were associated with marked reduction in barrier properties and tissue morphological damage"