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Uberlube talks with Laura Fitzpatrick of Oh Baby Lingerie in Portland, OR

Q:Why did you decide to carry Uberlube?

A:There are so many kinds [of lube] we’ve tried and rejected. Over the years I’ve probably tried 25 different types of lube personally—I bring them home just because I want to know what to carry in the store. My husband has hated every one of them except Uberlube, which he loved. Now I only carry two kinds of lube: Uberlube and a water-based lube.

Q:Why do your customers like überlube?

A:Because it’s slippery without being sticky, and it lasts a long time. People also love the bottle and the pump, because it looks great and is easy to use. überlube is just the best. It’s clean, simple, sophisticated, and it does what it’s supposed to do, as well as many other things. We have samples out for people to take home, and I would say almost everyone who tries it comes back to buy a bottle within a week. It sells itself.

Q:Do you use überlube for any of its other uses?

A:It’s a great cuticle oil, and I also use it on the edges of my hair. I’m a swimmer and it keeps my hair from frizzing out. The other uses for überlube make it fun, and can be an entry point to talk about lube.