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Uberlube talks with long-distance runner, Jacq Jones

Q:Why did you start using überlube on your runs?

A:Before I started running I had no idea how painful chafing could be. If you’re female, there’s a good chance you’re going to have inner-thigh-rubbing, and when you’re sweating it’s even worse because of the salt in sweat. Sports bras also cause chafing during a long run.

Q:What makes überlube better than other sport lubes you’ve tried?

A:It keeps working a really long time. My first marathon was the New York Marathon, and that one application of überlube worked the entire race without feeling sticky and gross. The pump also makes it really easy to apply where you need it. I’ve tried other kinds that come in a stick form, and it’s really hard to get it in the places you really need it.

Q:Have you used überlube for any sports other than running?

A:At [my store] Sugar, we hosted a fundraiser for Ride for the Feast, a 100-mile bike ride that goes from Ocean City, Maryland to Baltimore. It’s a fundraiser to help get meals to people with HIV and other health issues. überlube supplied samples for all the cyclists—they were excited about using it.