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Uberlube talks to stylist and hair product creator, Steven Lightfoot

Q:Why do you like Uberlube for style?

A:There are lots of reasons, but one of the big ones is the simplicity of the ingredient list and the quality of the ingredients. Everyone in the industry knows what silicone is, but not everyone realizes there are different levels of chemical quality within a particular ingredient set. Uberlube is the highest-grade, medical quality silicone, not industrial grade, which makes a big difference. If you can't put it IN your body why would you put it ON your body? Plus it’s fragrance-neutral, so it doesn’t mess with your favorite shampoo scent.

Q:What are your favorite ways to use überlube?

A:One of the best things about überlube is its versatility. It creates a tangle free, highly conditioned, incredibly shiny hair texture, so it’s a great finishing product. It’s also an amazing product cutter. You can take your favorite wax and mix a pump of überlube in for a softer wax, or you can add it to your matte paste for some added shine. Basically, it lets you add different levels of viscosity to any product you want, so you can tailor it to the type of hair and desired effect.

Q:Do your clients ever act surprised or worried that you’re using lube on their hair?

A:I’ve been using überlube in public styling settings for more than eight years. Sure, people ask me about it when they see the word ‘lube’ in the name, but it just starts a conversation, which is part of what I do. If you’re a professional and explain how you use überlube and why you think it’s the best, people will trust you. Also, the appearance of the bottle is very appealing. Everyone is drawn to it.

Q:Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A:It was really important to me to find a U.S. manufacturer of a high-grade silicone lubricant that I could use as a style product. I stumbled upon überlube several years ago and loved that the ingredient list is so basic. It follows the same criteria I use when creating my own style products: It’s simple, versatile, and safe. It’s just hands-down better than any other silicone product I could find.

Steven Lightfoot is a Master Hair Stylist and Colorist who currently resides in Portland Oregon and frequently travels back and forth between New York City, where he has worked with some of the city’s best stylists. Steven is also a Product Development Expert and has helped create and steer some of the best hair care brands in the industry. His vast knowledge of product chemical formulation, hair appliances, and hair education development has given the companies he works for the edge to create and manufacture the best possible tools and education programs for the professional stylist. http://stevenlightfoot.com/